Cosmetic Surgery in India

Promoting Medical Value Travel in India

With hopes of promoting medical value travel in India, healthcare consultants and medical tourism companies in the country have drawn up plans to arrange medical trips for foreign patients seeking cosmetic surgery in India. Plastic surgery is one of mainstays of the industry since plastic surgery costs are considerably lower in Indian than they are in countries like the US or UK.

Patients Attracted to Low Plastic Surgery Costs in India

Cost sensitive patients from the USA, UK, and Canada prefer to undergo cosmetic surgery in India because of advantages like low plastic surgery costs, state of the art medical facilities, and English-speaking medical professionals. Patients who opt for medical value travel and cosmetic surgery in India are guaranteed clinical care with high international standards in the form of infection control, privacy compliance, pricing transparency, and luxurious accommodations.

Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery in India

Cosmetic surgery in India is a highly specialized field populated by renowned cosmetic surgeons who have thousands of primary and revision face lift surgeries to their credit. Hospitals that offer cosmetic surgery in India provide advanced diagnostics and the most sophisticated support infrastructure. The highest standards of infection control are maintained by using world class ultra-clean air Laminar. Specialized physiotherapy and rehabilitation services are included to help patients resume normal activities as quickly as possible. Generally, these hospitals offer comprehensive treatments for all types of cosmetic surgeries under one roof, such as face lift surgery, breast augmentation/reduction surgery, Rhinoplasty, tummy tuck surgery, Retinoplasty, Abdominoplasty, and liposuction.

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