Cosmetic Surgery in India for a Smoother You

Laser Hair Removal and the Cost of Permanent Defuzzing

Whoever came up with the idea that labor and menstruation were manifestations of God’s wrath on Eve and her daughters forgot to add another curse to that already cheery list – hair removal. For centuries, we girls have waxed, plucked, threaded, shaved, and electrolyzed ourselves all in search of skin that’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Plucking is tedious, waxing is painful no matter how many times you’ve put yourself through it, and the less said about electrolysis the better. Thin needles are inserted close to the hair follicles and current is passed through them in the optimistic hope that the follicles will be burnt to a cinder. Peachy. Which is why newer, relatively painless methods like laser hair removal are getting so popular – not only is it the most permanent way of defuzzing out there, but it’s also doesn’t cost a lot when performed in countries like India. Plus, the entire affordable procedure with its multiple sessions is performed in a swank clinic that resembles a sterile healthcare center more than a salon. So if you’re looking for a defuzzing option that’s longer lasting than electrolysis and less painful than waxing, take yourself down to a laser hair removal clinic and compare the cost with a corresponding facility in Mumbai – it’s usually about 10-20 times lower.

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Cosmetic Surgery: Tracking the Trend in India

Although the number of Indians who actually opt to go under the knife for cosmetic reasons is increasing, it’s still restricted to the upper classes, socialites, and celebrities. People here aren’t as blasé about nose and boob jobs as Westerners are. But the country, due to its affordable healthcare system, has been a magnet for foreigners looking for cheaper medical alternatives, especially the sweeter deals in cosmetic surgery in India. Westerners, in particular, have been known to combine a moonlight visit to the Taj with a relatively affordable procedure to enhance their pearly whites or lift droopy eyelids at healthcare standards that compare quite comfortably to those in their home lands. If you plan on including a “touch up” in your Indian adventure, check up on the credentials of the clinic in question, just like you would back home.

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