Cosmetic Surgery in the Splendors of Argentina

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Due to rising cosmetic surgery prices, more and more westerners are traveling to far-away countries, such as Argentina for medical tourism. For the cost of facial implants back home, for example, you can have cosmetic surgery and an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime vacation in an exotic country, being pampered by locals and having grand adventures.

Argentine Medical Tourism

Colorful Argentina offers a wide variety of relaxation, fun, excitement, and adventure. Not to mention that the cost of procedures, such as facial (cheek) implants, run around $1,500, a good deal less than cosmetic surgery prices in the U.S. The medical facilities and surgical know-how is top of the line, and many surgeons specialize in cosmetic surgery. With the short recovery time of these procedures, there are vast opportunities for amazing experiences.

Splendid Argentina

From its snow-capped mountains, lush forests, beautiful beaches, extensive wildlife, and artic excursions, to its bustling cities and small villages, with their rich culture, flavorful cuisine, musicians, cafes, artists, and dancers, Argentina is full of life and offers the medical tourist endless opportunities for fun. Being the birthplace of tango, Argentine cities are filled with music, art, dancing, excitement, and laughter. Due to its diverse culture, open boulevards, and amazing architecture, the city of Buenos Aries has been called the “Paris of South America.” Here you can stroll cobblestone streets full of dancers, musicians, and artists, view galleries in upscale neighborhoods, discover lush gardens, and shop the street fair on the weekends.

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Venturing out of the cities, offers a wide assortment of adventure; go into the past and experience the power of glaciers first-hand, hike beautiful forested mountain-sides to awe inspiring waterfalls, visit the Peninsula Valdez Wildlife Reserve to see whales, elephant seals, sea lions, penguins, and exotic ocean birds in their natural habitat. And for the truly adventurous, weeklong tours to Argentine Antarctica include whale watching, shore trips, seals, penguins, and breathtaking views of water in all its forms. Argentina is truly a traveler’s dream, and the fun-loving locals embrace visitors with a warmth that is sure to last you a lifetime.

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