Cosmetic Surgery Overseas: Low Cost Financing, But at a Price

From Tummy Tucks to Laser Hair Removal at Dirt Cheap Prices

The increasing trend of Westerners packing heading off to foreign lands for medical and cosmetic procedures has created a niche travel and tourism segment that’s’ worth billions of dollars annually. Cosmetic surgery procedures are extremely popular in vacation destinations like Thailand and South Africa because of the affordable financing plans that are offered at clinics there. Other countries too have been scrambling to attract Western patients, but all this competition has resulted in quality being compromised, particularly in tourist hotspots like Egypt.

Cosmetic Surgery in Egypt Can Be Had at the Cheapest Financing Plans

The land of the Nile may be one of the oldest cosmetic surgery destinations in the world with evidence showing facial reconstructive surgeries being conducted on Pharaohs as far back as 3400 BC. Cleopatra might have owed her legendary beauty to more than just asses’ milk! But, in recent years, the cosmetic surgery industry in the country has plummeted to new depths as ridiculous financing plans are advertised and quality thrown to the winds. Surgeons at some Cairo clinics charges as low as $300 for a nose job and $260 for liposuction, while less invasive procedures like laser hair removal come at even lower prices. Disfigurements, burning, and scarring are all too common since surgeons here aren’t as strictly regulated as in say, Thailand or India. Turnover at many of Cairo’s shady clinics is extremely high which means that chasing an incompetent doctor after a botched operation might be next to impossible. Although this isn’t to say that the entire Egyptian cosmetic surgery industry is suspect (many doctors are highly qualified and want to have nothing to do with such quack clinics), the general consensus is that whether for a spot of lipo or laser hair removal, “bargain” prices can often mean inferior work.

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Medical Tourism in Egypt: a Burgeoning Travel Sector

Egypt, like many other developing countries, has been quick to capitalize on its tourism potential and extend the usual Pyramids-and-Nile-cruise itinerary to include medical treatments at a fraction of the price in Western countries. Which is all perfectly legit, but such medical travel can quickly turn into a sci-fi nightmare if handled by the wrong doctors. Beware of quacks and their slashed rates. Remember the saying – If it’s too good to be true, it probably is!

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