Definitive Dental Tourism Advice

Low Cost Dental Fillings Draw Tourists

Thailand with its rich culture, beautiful countryside, and affordable cost of orthodontic procedures like dental fillings is a choice destination for medical vacation enthusiasts. Westerners are pleasantly surprised to know that the cost of a dental filling can be as little as US $12 in Thailand. Similarly, fixing a crown, which costs approximately $2000 in the US can cost as little as US $300 in Thailand. But the low costs do not necessarily compromise on quality. In fact many dentists in Thailand gain education and expertise in Western countries like the United States, and parts of Europe. The support staff is conversant in English and the quality of care is comparable if not better than many hospitals in developed countries.

Established hospitals like Bumrungrad have state-of-the-art equipment, but one might end up feeling lost in such a huge establishment. Smaller clinics on the other hand provide more personalised care, but one should check the background and qualifications of the dentist thoroughly before signing up.

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Tips for Medical Vacations in Beautiful Thailand

Medical tourism, especially for dental care, flourishes in Thailand because most dental procedures require little or no hospitalisation. Thus the tourist is able to enjoy a great vacation while getting some tooth work done on the side. Not only do medical vacationers save money, but they also save time for those coming from countries with socialized medicine. If one chooses to register at any of the large establishments, it is advisable to book appointments in advance. Staying close to the dental facility helps save time, which can then be spent shopping or on the beautiful beaches of Thailand. Many hospitals and dental clinics in Thailand have international accreditation, follow international norms, and are able to provide dental care comparable to what you’d find back home. If exploring options for dental tourism, my advice would be to give Thailand a thought.

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