Dental Bridges and Plastic Surgery—What Do They Have in Common?

The Cost of Dental Bridges

According to, the cost of dental bridges is dependent on a number of factors. This includes the expenses of additional procedures, such as fillings or root canals, for one or both of the adjoining teeth. The final price tag is also dependent on the dentist’s technique, his or her location, the amount of coverage afforded by your dental insurance company, the type of materials used, and the preparation of the teeth being bridged. Altogether, the dentistry Web site claims that the price could range from $1,000 to $3,000.

Getting a Grip on Plastic Surgery

So what does plastic surgery have in common with dental bridges? Well, for one thing, they’re both usually requested for cosmetic purposes. This often means that they aren’t covered by many insurance providers. Secondly, there’s the cost factor keeping it out of reach for many low-income households that can’t afford it without the safety net provided by insurance. Plastic surgery prices vary widely according to the type of surgery as well as all of the factors relevant to dental bridges. But the two also have something else in common: a cheaper alternative.

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The Impact of Medical Tourism

Medical tourism to Asia and South America has proven to be extremely popular among those seeking high quality treatments at more reasonable rates than they could expect in their home countries. A country like India receives a large influx due to the quality of service provided by major hospitals and internationally qualified doctors. In fact, Wockhardt Hospitals in India has even won the favor of the American Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, a victory for those concerned about insurance for overseas procedures. India is also a preferred destination due to the wide range of procedures that Indian hospitals are able to perform within international standards. You could get the procedure for your dental bridges started on day one, have a brow lift on day two, and get fitted with your new bridge when you’re sufficiently healed from the plastic surgery. With all of this done as an outpatient, you’d also have the freedom to explore the country just like you would on a regular vacation (with your doctor’s approval of course).

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