Dental Implants that Don’t Bite Back

The Cost of Dental Implants: Nothing to Smile About

I’ve waxed eloquent on the dramatic price reductions afforded by medical tourism for some time now. I always get that warm, fuzzy feeling when I uncover a splendid deal without skimping on quality (admit it, you do too).

A friend of mine recently considered “redesigning her smile” with dental implants. She shopped around and even found a dentist that she developed a slight crush on (he was the dental equivalent of George Clooney). So, what was the quoted cost of these dental implants? Would you believe that the lower end was in the $3000 range? And depending on whom she asked, the upper estimates stretched into the tens of thousands of dollars.

A Medical Vacation to Bring Back that Smile

It took me all of ten minutes on Google to find a much better solution to her dental woes. As usual, medical tourism came up as the winner. Bumrungrad Dental Center in Thailand had everything she would need, including an affordable price that reduced her anxiety over the cost of these dental implants.

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I’m no dental expert, nor am I a tourism aficionado, but due to my familiarity with Bumrungrad’s facilities, I felt comfortable giving her advice. To allay my friend’s fears concerning the quality of care in foreign countries, I pointed out that Bumrungrad in Thailand was ISO certified, fully accredited, and the doctors were all well qualified. In fact, many would agree that this fully staffed facility is the “crown jewel” of the medical tourism industry.

As part of my dental tourism advice, I always recommend that people planning a medical vacation should do their own follow-up research to ensure that everything is in order and that they’re comfortable with the level of service and care available at the facility. Medical vacations have much to offer those who can’t access or afford quality care in their home countries. However, the medical tourism landscape is not without its pitfalls. There is no shortage of charlatans, scam artists, and shady clinics that would love to attract unsuspecting patients from abroad. So make sure you ask the right types of questions before taking the plunge.

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