Dental Tourism Gives Britons a Reason to Smile

Take a Medical Vacation to Hungary

With the prices of some procedures running into thousands of pounds, Britons are looking at dental tourism in East European countries like Hungary and Bulgaria to fix their teeth. The NHS has never been in worse shape. Contracts were changed in 2006, and since, then dentists have left in droves creating a large vacuum in the system. It’s estimated that up to three quarter of Britons are without access to a dentist.

The problem is acute according to The Press Association. Millions of people haven’t visited the dentist in more than two years because of lack of access to one.

Life’s not all smiles for the small number of those who have access to a dentist. The cost of pricey procedures like dental implants can make traveling abroad for the treatment the only option since each implant can cost up to 2,000 pounds in some cases. The comparative cost for dental implants in Hungary could be as low as 800 pounds.

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Dental Tourism, the Only Option?

Dental tourism facilities in Hungary and Poland have set up administrative offices in the UK to cash in on the situation. There are pre-paid medical vacation packages which include accommodation, air fare, airport transfer, and the cost of treatment itself. Accommodations differ based on the amount you spend on the package but can always be counted on to be more than comfortable. Language, long a problem for East European dentists, isn’t much of an issue anymore. Even if the accent is a little unfamiliar, most of the dentists and staff speak good English.
With many patients who’ve traveled to east European countries wiling to come back home and spread the smiles, the “Go East” mantra is only likely to become louder.

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