Dental Tourism in Europe

Exciting Options for Dental Travel

The process of seeking affordable yet world class treatment for dental problems in foreign countries is known as dental travel or dental tourism. The often exorbitant costs of dental treatment in the West have begun to force patients to look overseas for dental tourism options

Travel to Europe for Dental Tourism

The healthcare systems in many European countries are plagued by exorbitant costs. But central and east European countries are gradually entering the medical and dental travel industry with cost-effective solutions. Countries like Poland are leaders in the industry, and increasingly, people from the UK and other European countries are looking at Poland for problems with dental health.
The costs of procedures here are very low when compared to many European countries. While a dental filling costs about $300 to $400 in the UK, the same is available for as little as $20 to $40 in many eastern European countries. Monica Brown recently travelled to Poland on business and for dental health. She was embarrassed by the state of her teeth and needed prosthetic reconstruction. She kept putting it off due to the cost since, “prosthetic reconstruction is not going to leave a lot of change out of ₤10,000.” Informed about the standards of dental tourism in Poland by her Polish colleagues, Monica opted to have the procedure performed there through a company called IQ Medica. Today Monica is a happier person with a perfect smile, and the treatment cost her only about ₤3,000. Monica was very happy with the standards offered by the dental travel industry. “I flew to Warsaw, and was met at the airport by a personal assistant from IQ Medica which arranges anything from tummy tucks to open-heart surgery, plus accommodation, and whatever you need while there,” she says.

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