Dental Tourism to China Embraced in Canada

New Service Expands Affordable Healthcare

As affordable healthcare becomes more of an oxymoron, medical tourism to China becomes more appealing to Canadians. David McConnell, president of the Hinton-Sherwood Group Inc., has experienced this phenomenon first-hand, as his company has introduced a new service offering Canadians dental tourism packages to China. As many people view vacationing as a luxury, dental tourism brings that luxury closer within their grasp, killing two proverbial birds with one stone. “Dental tourism,” McConnell notes, “is an increasingly popular choice for North American consumers who understand the remarkable opportunities and savings.”

Dental Tourism to China

McConnell paid $1,840 for bridge work and three crowns that would have cost him $8,400 in Canada. Bridge work—replacing missing teeth—is a procedure that helps maintain the proper function of your mouth. The bridge attaches artificial teeth to the natural teeth around it. In addition to regaining his dental function, McConnell also received a dental insurance refund of $820, bringing his savings to more than $7,000. The resounding savings more than covered an average airfare ticket of $3,000 and McConnell’s vacation in China’s historic Nanjing region.

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Free-Market Pricing May Encourage Dental Tourism to China

While Canadian dentists follow the economist-preferred practice of free-market medicine, charging what the average person is willing to pay, patients seem more willing to explore other options like medical tourism in China. According to, the prices for a first patient exam with x-rays may vary over 3500%, from $450 to $12. Medical tourism in China becomes a more lucrative option as patients observe rising health care costs. If faced with the option of paying the going rate for dental work or combining affordable healthcare with vacationing abroad at a discount, what would you choose?

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