Dental Veneers: Giving You Something to Smile about

Can You Afford the Cost of Dental Veneers?

There’s no greater turnoff than a mouth full of damaged teeth. I’m not a big fan of dentists, myself (something about those long needles and powered drills just turns me off). But this isn’t a root canal we’re talking about here. Help comes in the form of a simple little procedure for dental veneers. You can choose between porcelain and resin dental veneers. Strange as it sounds (at least to me), the porcelain ones look more natural, and equally important, they last longer. Now if only those procedures didn’t cost so gosh darn much. When was the last time insurance paid for your cosmetic dentistry? Unless you have a very unusual case (reconstructive surgery, for example), the cost of having dental veneers fitted will likely come out of your pocket. In India, it’s a whole lot easier on your pocket at a price of $300 per porcelain tooth veneer.

The Solution: Dental Tourism Packages

The cost of a medical vacation to places like India or Thailand, inclusive of your airfare, hotel stay, meals, and of course, all treatment-related expenses is far lower than getting your teeth fixed back home. That’s an entire dental tourism package that could save you 50% or more than going to a good dentist in the US, compared with sitting home on a Saturday night wishing you were one of the shiny happy people with beautiful smiles. Plus, you can’t beat the two-in-one value of sitting on a beautiful beach in Thailand or taking in the sights of exotic India as you recuperate—medical tourism at its best. So, if that’s the cost of dental veneers, can you afford not to get them?

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Medical Vacations That Don’t Bite Into Your Savings

Medical tourism is on the rise as more Americans and Europeans wake up to the world of opportunities available to them. For a smile makeover, the chance to revamp my social life, and a vacation that won’t break the bank, this is one opportunity I would definitely not overlook.

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