Destination Belgium: Cheap Healthcare in Europe

Belgium: European Centre for Cheap Healthcare

What do Roy Cronin from Ireland and both Hilary Heason and Howard Waterfield from UK have in common? All recently traveled on Belgian medical tourism packages. Howard sought out the best hospitals for heart surgery in Belgium to rectify a critical heart condition, Roy needed advanced dental treatment, and Hilary underwent lap band surgery to overcome obesity. Like the 20,000 other medical tourists who flock to Belgium every year, Cronin, Heason, and Waterfield discovered that cheap health care was, indeed, available in this northern European country. They returned happy, not only because of how promptly they had been admitted, but also because of how affordable the whole affair had been. Hilary’s operation had cost much less than the EUR 13,300 it might have at home.

Best Hospitals for Heart Surgery in Belgium

Belgian medical tourism packages are some of the cheapest in the EU, and they successfully attract throngs of patients year after year. Cheap healthcare in Belgium includes kidney transplants, cosmetic surgery, surgery for neonates and dental work. Most of Belgium’s medical tourists are from the Netherlands (60%) and France (17%). Out of the remaining, 8% are English or German, 5%t are Italian, and 6% from Luxembourg. Jan Eyeckmans, representative of the Belgian Health Ministry, says that the steady influx of medical tourists is no problem, and the capacity of their health facilities is largely unaffected. Partnerships between Belgian and foreign health insurance companies have also made it the red tape and paperwork much easier to navigate.

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Belgian Medical Tourism Package: A Boon for Europeans

Europeans, members of the continental community, are taking advantage of Belgian medical tourism packages. Clinics offer visa assistance, hotel bookings and interpreter services to foreign patients. And many agree that the quality of health care is comparable, if not superior, to the treatments they receive in their native countries. The British Cardiac Patients Association readily endorses the best hospitals for heart surgery in Belgium. And patients like Hilary Heason find that Belgian medical staff are more compassionate and understanding than their UK counterparts.

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