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Medical Packages: Thailand

Medical value travel to the best hospital for hip replacement in Thailand was the choice of 43-year-old Greg Macker when he hurt his knee on the golf course. A proud, self-employed man, Macker had opted out of his US health insurance plan because of spiraling insurance costs. He chose to pay up-front for annual examinations and medication. He was shocked when he was told that his injury required knee arthroscopy surgery. He was even more shocked that this procedure would cost nearly $20,000 in the US. Macker watched a television report on medical value travel and, worried about his fragile knee, explored the situation further. He came across various medical packages. Bangkok was his choice for medical value travel and Bumrungrad Hospital (one of best hospitals for hip replacement in Thailand) was his preferred destination. Almost everyone he knew tried to persuade him to give up on the idea of medical packages. Thailand and medical value travel were, however, attractive options for Mr. Macker. He had confidence in his doctor and the medical packages that Thailand had to offer.

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The Best Hospital for Hip Replacement in Thailand

On arrival, Mr. Macker explored the city before booking into Bumrungrad to meet the doctor who would carry out his procedure. Surgery was scheduled for five weeks later and Mr Macker used this time to tour Southeast Asia. He toured extensively. “I went white-water rafting on the Mekong River,” he said. He admitted to having a few misgivings on his return to Bumrungrad International for his operation. But the knee arthroscopy surgery, which he opted to watch, went off smoothly, and he was discharged after physical therapy.

Medical Value Travel Success

Mr. Macker has no regrets about Thailand’s medical value travel. Including a five week vacation, the whole package cost him $6,500. “I’d recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have insurance.” Macker says. With success stories like this, it is likely that medical tourism in Thailand will flourish substantially in the coming years

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