Discounted Prices Lure Medical Tourism Patients to India

Medical Tourism Leader in India Offers Discounts

“Low cost surgery!

Come one, come all.

Five-hundred dollars off!”

Imagine those words in a commercial. One of the leaders in coordinating medical tourism to India, Forerunners Healthcare Consultants is paving the path for that sort of thing. Although they already have 300 satisfied customers to their credit, Forerunners has increased their market by offering discounted prices on endopyelotomy surgery packages. The already lower-priced surgery makes medical vacations to India even cheaper and more attractive. What appears to be a sale on surgery packages and medical vacations may lead to affordable health care and cheaper insurance rates. Medical tourism to places like India has long offered affordable health care options and may open similar doors for insurance.

Endopyelotomy Leading to More Medical Vacations to India

Endopyelotomy is one of several surgeries drawing more patients to urologists, particularly for medical vacations. The surgery, becoming somewhat common, is performed in response to ureteropelvic junction (UPJ) obstructions that can cause inflammation of the upper urinary tract. Simply stated, something is blocking natural urine flow, causing swelling. The procedure widens the ureter, the tube leading from the kidneys to the bladder, allowing patients with obstructions to urinate more freely, thus relieving the kidneys. While the procedure is considered minimally invasive, the effects of forgoing it can include kidney damage or deterioration.

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Faster, Safer Procedures May Lead to Affordable Health Care Insurance

The endopyelotomy procedure takes approximately two hours from start to finish, and with a success rate of 82-86%, hospital stays for recovery are relatively short. Ideally, the rapid recovery time and high success rates will translate into affordable health care insurance costs as well. Additionally, the shorter healing time makes medical tourism to countries like India more like a medical vacation than just going to the hospital.

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