Does Thailand Really Have the Best Hospitals?

Affordable Medical and Dental Tourism in Thailand

More people are getting plastic surgery. The fastest-growing cosmetic surgery procedures in the US include breast augmentations and breast reductions, the number of each procedure rising by 55 and 23 percent, respectively between 2000 and 2006. But the cost of cosmetic surgery in the US is still quite high. The Rochester Minnesota Post-Bulletin reports the national average cost of eyelid surgery ($2,877), breast augmentation ($3,600), nose reshaping ($3,841), liposuction ($2,750), and tummy tucks ($5,063) to be out of most patients’ financial range.

One place to save money on the cost of procedures like eyelid surgery is Thailand. The crown jewel of the medical tourism industry, Thailand has been attracting scores of Americans every year who are seeking low medical and dental tourism prices.

Hospitals in Thailand Akin to 5-Star Hotels

National Public Radio reported recently that the Journal of Financial Planning estimates that even when one factors in travel and accommodation, medical tourism can save a patient from 50 to 95 percent. It is more than low prices that draw Americans to Thailand, however. In addition to the well known high quality of care, travelers enjoy services that they might not receive at home.

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According to the China Post, many hospitals offer services that you would normally see in five-star hotels, like gourmet meals, tour packages for the kids, and concierge/escort services. Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, for example, has VIP suites with marble bathrooms, a sushi bar, a Starbucks, and a wide variety of interpreters. Hospitals like Bumrungrad also have dental clinics, so you can save money on medical and dental tourism prices in one place. And with over 30 foreign-accredited hospitals in Thailand, waiting lists are fairly rare.

Bright Future for Thailand’s Medical Tourism Industry

In a recent interview with the Bangkok Post, Dr. Surapong Suebwonglee remarked that Thais will continue to “promote Thailand as a global brand and destination” so the world-class facilities can only get better. Dr. Surapong told the Bangkok Post that he wants Thailand to be a medical hub for Asia as well as for the rest of the world. With services and prices like these, this dream may soon become a reality.

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