Drillings, Fillings, and More in Thailand

What Is Dental Tourism?

Most people are familiar with medical tourism, but what exactly is dental tourism? Quite simply, it’s defined as the industry that serves the masses of people that flock abroad for dental treatments of all kinds. Throw in a medical vacation to boot and you’re good to go. So if the cost of dental fillings is getting you down, take a look at what dental tourism has to offer you. There are many sources of information on the Internet, including descriptions of packages being offered by hospitals and medical tour operators. Check each one carefully and make note of those that interest you most in terms of price, location, quality of service, testimonials, and accreditation. This research can be invaluable since it helps you weed out potential disasters by staying informed of what’s available and what you should expect.

Where Does Thailand Fit In?

Known as the “Land of Smiles,” Thailand is home to some of the best hospitals for dental procedures in the world. As one of the major destinations for medical tourism (and more specifically, dental tourism), Thailand has focused its efforts on offering high quality medical treatments and service. Bumrungrad Hospital, for example, is reputed for its quality of service and the bedside manner of its doctors. The hospital is fully accredited and many of the doctors have received their medical degrees in the U.S. and other Western countries. Best of all, the hospital’s prices are quite reasonable and include everything from accommodations and treatment to medication and transport. They even offer arrangements for a friend or relative to stay with you while you’re in the hospital. Rooms are equipped with TVs and Internet to keep you connected with family back home. The entire package comes to less than the cost of procedures like dental fillings performed back home.

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Planning a Medical Vacation

If you’re not using a medical tour operator to make all the arrangements for you, then you’ll need to make a checklist of things to do before you leave your home country. Be sure to get your visa well in advance. In most cases, your passport will also need to be valid for six months after the date of arrival. Check your package to determine what arrangements have been left to you to make. If airfare or accommodation is not included, book your flight and hotel in advance to get the best deals. Don’t forget to confirm your bookings.

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