Dubai Will Have a Hard time Pushing Medical Tourism

Costs Drive Medical Tourism

On the face of it, Dubai has an edge over other Asian destinations when it comes to medical tourism. The country is definitely one of the richest medical tourism destinations. The infrastructure is Western standard; there are none of the slums and the poverty that’s prominent in say, India. The city has all the exotica of the Middle East – there’s belly dancing, four-wheel driving on sand dunes, and yes, old men on camels, although you’ll have to travel to the Bedouin tents in the desert to find those. In addition, you won’t find much of the conservatism that marks the rest of the region. In fact, it’s one of the most liberal countries in the Persian Gulf (which might not really be saying much, considering its next door neighbor is Saudi Arabia which recently banned the color red in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, but still…).

The city’s planners are quite firm in their vision for Dubai – a party town in the Middle East, and the party’s only just begun.

This liberal atmosphere has resulted in a substantial population of Western expatriates. This in turn, has led to the establishing of hospitals like the American Hospital. This facility is now one of the leading medical tourism facilities in the city, offering cosmetic surgery, life-saving invasive procedures, and a host of other procedures.

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Cost of Cosmetic Surgery in Dubai

So far, so good, right? Dubai is poised to take over the industry. But the one hurdle that Dubai has to get through is the fact that its medical treatment prices are higher than other destinations. The cost of a nose job surgery, for instance, can be about DH 15,000 which is only about 20% to 30% lower than the cost for a nose job surgery in the West. In places like India, cost savings of above 60% are not unheard of, making this region of the world a more attractive option while cost shopping.
It is this wide gap that Dubai will need to fill if it plans keep up with its medical tourism ambitions. But with tons of investments and tourist dollars flowing in year after year, maybe Dubai will be able to pull through in the end.

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