Elective Surgery Abroad Does Not Mean an Hour Long Procedure and a Day by the Beach

Precautions you Need to Follow for Elective Surgery

Thailand welcomes more medical tourism visitors every year than any other country in the industry. Not surprisingly, the most popular procedures in sun worshipping towns like Phuket happen to be cosmetic procedures and elective surgeries. The costs of procedures like breast augmentation surgery are far more affordable than one encounters back home. With all the hoopla surrounding the Thai medical tourism industry and the lowered cost of procedures ranging from breast augmentation surgery to hip replacement, there is a dangerous tendency to paint the process as one where you check into a Phuket hospital by 8, get done with your surgery in a couple of hours, and spend the rest of the week showing off your new assets at one of the gorgeous beaches that dot the island. It just isn’t as simple as that. Whether you’re in Thailand or India or any of the dozens of countries that offers affordable elective surgery, medical tourism hopefuls should remember that surgeries are the same, no matter where they are performed. Notwithstanding the rock bottom costs of your breast augmentation surgery, follow the same precautions that you would be advised to follow by a surgeon back home. In most cases, plenty of rest is standard, and depending on your procedure, you might have to stay out of the sun and seawater for several days (if not several weeks). Alcohol and adventure sports are general ill-advised, and extensive travel (including your flight back home) might have to be closely examined.

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The Costs of Breast Augmentation Surgery in Thailand May Be Low, but Is It for You?

Thai medical tourism brochures and online ads can be tantalizing. With prices for cosmetic procedures being affordable enough to place these in easy reach of almost every woman (and man), it could be hard to resist convincing yourself that you absolutely must have flatter abs, thinner hips, tighter skin or bigger breasts. In the US, a psychological evaluation of a potential cosmetic surgery patient is normal practice to detect any signs of depression or other conditions. Doctors advise women who have just been through a major life situation like a divorce or losing a job to postpone any plans of surgery. These life situations can only be compounded by the stresses of having a major life altering surgical procedure. So if you’re in Thailand recovering from a broken heart, getting bigger breasts and looking like a million bucks might seem like ideal therapy, but it’s completely unadvised. Having cosmetic surgery will not get you a better job or find you a new man. It’s only meant to enhance your existing feelings of self worth, not repair a fractured self image.

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