Emirates Holidays Package: A New Luxury Travel Vacation for Calcutta

Dubai Is a Medical Vacation Hot Spot

The Sultan of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is very pleased with Calcutta’s response to a new luxury travel vacation package offered by Emirates Airlines. In just a few months after the special vacation package was introduced, medical vacation packages surged in Calcutta surged. As a result, Emirates Airlines is planning to promote medical vacation packages to the Calcutta market more aggressively. Emirates plans to work on creating an attractive medical vacation plan with private hospitals such as AMRI, Apollo, Gleneagles, and Woodlands.

Rising Costs are a Major Problem in Health Care for Foreigners

The fact that rising costs are a major problem in health care for Europeans and Americans is well known. While most international airlines cater to Americans and Europeans by providing luxury travel vacation options and medical vacation promotions, Emirates plans to concentrate on other nations where rising costs are a major problem in health care. “Our focus will be different,” stated the Sultan, “we also fly to Australia, Africa, and the Far East. In the future, our main focus will be on these sectors, rather than on the European and US markets.” The West Asian market is also a potential moneymaker since their affordable procedures effectively address the fact that rising medical costs are a major problem in health care in many parts of the world.

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Luxury Travel Vacation Means Multiple Destinations

The Sultan was delighted at the numbers of tourists who are purchasing luxury travel vacation deals with multiple stops. “Recently, a group of passengers from the city went to Tunisia, which is very surprising. Onward Dubai, there are passengers to Zurich, Sydney, Melbourne, and Far East destinations like Beijing and Shanghai”, he stated. The hope is that Calcutta’s enthusiasm for travel with Emirates Airlines will catch on with the rest of India’s major cities.

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