Escape to Thailand for a Dental Tourism Vacation

The Low Cost of Root Canals

I’ve always felt that the cost of root canals were sleepless perspiration-filled nights obsessing over Dr. Pain’s excursion into the unknown depths of my oral cavity. Of course, pain was the inescapable element here since not getting the root canal would lead to even greater pain over the long term. After a while, you simply can’t ignore it. Eventually you have to get past the nightmares, dust off the phonebook, and locate a good dentist who can do the deed.

That’s when it hits you. It’s at least $400 to $600 to get one of your front teeth taken care of and another $500 to $800 for a single molar. Prices just go up from there for follow-up root canals on the same tooth. That makes me think of only one thing. Thailand!

What’s Thailand Got to Do With Anything?

There’s no better way to cut costs than a medical vacation, or in my case, a dental tourism vacation. Prices per procedure do, of course, vary among hospitals. The Thailand Dental Center, for example, offers root canals for as low as $115 for front teeth and $214 for molars. Compare that to the prices of US dentists mentioned above and you’ll see why Thailand, and medical tourism in general, is the answer to my prayers. Sadly, pain is still unavoidable, but at least I don’t have to suffer the additional sting of a rapidly decreasing bank account.

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For a few hundred dollars, I can get my teeth done and take in the sights and sounds of an exotic country, all in one go. That’s the true worth of medical tourism. Why stay home and focus on the pain? I’d rather head out to a medical vacation paradise that won’t cost a fortune. Watching the sun set around the gorgeous temples of Thailand is a fitting reward for sitting still in the dentist’s chair.

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