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Explore Medical Tourism Frontiers

We have all heard of the big hitters in the medical tourism industry: India, Thailand, Singapore. Everyone knows that these countries offer first class health care at low prices, ensuring medical tourism safety for travelers from countries with expensive hospitals. But what about the lesser known but equally affordable high quality health vacation destinations? Countries like Malta, Bulgaria, Latvia and Cyprus get less press coverage because of their size, but they offer comparable quality and prices for the medical tourist.

Cyprus: A Rising Medical Tourism Star

Many count Cyprus as a gem among the less famous medial tourism destinations. The Mediterranean island, a longtime favorite among Europeans on holiday for its warm sun, secluded beaches, scenic vineyards, and fascinating history (the goddess Aphrodite’s mythical home was here), is now home to impressive health care facilities. These days, it is not unlikely for a holiday to include an affordable surgery or two. Although many people opt for minor cosmetic procedures, hospitals like the American Heart Institute (AHI) in Cyprus cater to serious medical patients. The cost of a pacemaker installation in Cyprus can be a fraction of the price in the US. And with the money saved on the cheap cost of your pacemaker installation, there is a plethora of sights and activities on which to spend the savings.

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Saving Money in Cyprus

The American Heart Institute has been named by Forbes Magazine as one of the top ten hospitals outside of the US that “are worth the trip.” The hospitals on the list, all reputed for medical tourism safety and high standards of care, include facilities all over the world. AHI, which opened in 1999, specializes in noninvasive and invasive cardiology interventions and cardiothoracic surgeries, offering these services to patients at low prices. For example, Forbes reports that a valve replacement that would cost $55,000 in the US would cost $13,000 (including airfare and hotels) at AHI.

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