Exploring Affordable Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in South Asia

Highly qualified doctors, well-equipped hospitals, trained support staff, and incredible natural beauty has contributed to the growth of South Asia as a medical tourism destination. Adding to the appeal are the low costs of medical, cosmetic, and dental procedures there. It is thus becoming more common to see foreign patients traveling thousands of miles across the world to receive affordable medical care in South Asian countries.

Low Cost of Abdominoplasty

Tim Devinney of North Carolina recently joined the legions of travelers who have visited South Asian countries for healthcare. He had been diagnosed with a hole in his abdominal wall, and needed surgery to close it. Without insurance, the cost of abdominoplasty would have been $30,000. This was an amount Devinney couldn’t even begin to afford. His condition caused complications that resulted in numerous emergency visits, but even still, he couldn’t afford the hefty price tag. One day, however, he heard about medical tourism and discovered that the cost for procedures like abdominoplasty and cosmetic surgery in India were substantially lower than what one would normally pay in the States.

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After reading an article about a company that sends patients (especially middle class and uninsured ones) to foreign countries, Devinney saw some hope. He signed up and traveled to India when he realized that,

“Where they were way ahead was in patient care. . . . The night before I had the procedure, I had six doctors in my room for an hour, talking with me about the procedure, answering questions. That’s unheard of here.”

Today Devinney is a satisfied man, happy with the procedure which cost him only $3,000 including return air tickets, hotel stay, and all medical expenses.

Cosmetic Surgery in India

India is gradually becoming a leading provider of medical tourism for vacationers from the world over. Hospitals like the Apollo and Wockhardt groups specialize in all spheres of medical work including cosmetic surgery. India, with its unexplored mountains, verdant green backwaters, pristine beaches, dense forests, and urban jungles is quickly becoming the destination of choice for many medical tourism vacationers.

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