Exploring Health Travel and Cosmetic Surgery in Tunisia

A New Industry: Health Travel

The North African country of Tunisia is beginning to explore the possibilities of medical tourism and health travel. The country has long been a popular tourist destination with miles of beautiful beaches and a wealth of ancient ruins and monuments. Now tourists are being offered the chance to have cosmetic surgery on their Tunisian holiday. Melinda Tricoli recently did just that and had a great experience. “I’m so happy. I feel up with the angels. It’s spotless, a job well done,” she gushes.

Affordable Cosmetic Surgery in Tunisia

Tourism is Tunisia’s biggest foreign currency earner and the largest employer after the farming sector. Close to 6.4 million holidaymakers visited Tunisia in 2005 contributing $1.98 billion to the country’s economy. Tourists in need of liposuction who visit Tunisia often find themselves in need of escort services while in the country. The country’s medical tourism agencies have been offering better and improved amenities, and tourists who choose to have procedures like liposuction in Tunisia are quite happy with the kind of escort services being offered. Joanna Searl, a British transvestite, recently travelled to Tunisia to erase the wrinkles around her eyes and to receive breast augmentation surgery. “No more wrinkles and real, normal breasts for just 8,500 euros,” said 52-year-old Joanna. “This would cost 20,000 pounds (29,720 euros) in Britain.”

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The cost of breast enlargement in Tunisia, including travel fare, is 2,600 euros, while in France the surgery alone would cost double this amount. Tunisia is geographically well placed close to Europe and has a highly developed health infrastructure and well-trained medical staff. Many of the country’s doctors have perfected their skills in Europe and the United States. “Our country offers attractive opportunities and low prices because Tunisia has lower living standards than Europe,” said Amor Dehissy, who manages the Estetika Tour travel agency. So if you’re looking for affordable health care and a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures like liposuction, Tunisia and its escort services might be just what the doctor prescribed.

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