Exploring Health Travel in the Philippines

Unlimited Options for Cosmetic Surgery Financing

The accelerated pace of medical advancements in recent years has made cosmetic surgery accessible to more people than ever before. But the cost of these procedures in most countries still remains high. Providing an alternative in such a situation is cosmetic surgery financing through health travel. Medical or health travel is the buzzword of the day with liposuction and other procedures available at affordable prices at many tourist destinations across the globe.

Health Travel: Destination Philippines

Reports document that in the Philippines, rhinoplasty, liposuction, and face lifts are the three most sought after cosmetic surgery procedures. An increasing number of patients in the market for aesthetic surgery are exploring health travel in conjunction with cosmetic surgery financing because these procedures are sometimes cheaper, safer, and less invasive in these countries. Surgeons now use the tumescence anaesthesia technique which makes the administration of anaesthesia less invasive. Doctors make a tiny incision in the skin to introduce the solution; this minimizes blood loss and facilitates easier surgery and tissue removal. The results are a marked decrease in operating time, fewer incisions, less pain, and a shorter recovery period.

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Financing for body sculpting surgeries is easily available though liposuction prices are usually low in most medical tourism destinations. Patients have many cosmetic surgery financing options to choose from. Many surgeons have partnerships with financing firms to make the process easier, and such loans usually have easy-to-pay instalment programs. Interest payments vary depending on the loan amount and the duration of repayment. Another factor in cosmetic surgery financing is the borrower’s credit history. But one must remember to check the doctors credentials before opting for any procedure, including liposuction . Low prices should not be the only consideration before deciding to go under the scalpel.

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