Exploring New Worlds with Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism – A World without Borders

The essentials of life are easily available today, and medical aid is no different. However, millions of Americans lack sufficient health care insurance and have to pay extremely high prices for complex procedures. Fortunately, medical tourism is a novel and cheap option.

The Growth of Medical Tourism

Statistics show that about 45 million Americans have no health insurance. For this segment of the population, as well as others without affordable health care insurance, medical tourism is an increasingly popular and cost-effective option. Medical tourism is a $60 billion industry, with a global growth rate of 20 percent. Over the years, Mexico has been the preferred destination for Americans but, of late, countries like Malaysia and Thailand have become popular. India, as one of the forerunners of medical tourism, provides superior health care, as well as an exotic holiday destination.

The India Medical Tourism Package

In India, a medical tourism package, including vacation costs, is far cheaper than going under the knife in America, where affordable health care insurance is a thing of the past. Major concerns for patients who go to India for medical tourism package are issues of safety and professionalism. But, thanks to the number of US-trained Indian doctors and the fact that Indians comprise around 30 percent of all graduate students in America, traveling to India for surgery is an extremely safe and affordable option.

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Affordable Health Care Insurance

For someone lacking affordable health care insurance, medical tourism is an attractive alternative. There are many companies specializing in all aspects of the process, and guidance is readily available for affordable, quality healthcare at a fraction of the cost in America. Also, the quality of care provided can, often, be much better.

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