Filipino Bridges Lead to Smiles

Medical Vacations Bridge Gap Between Affordability and Healthcare

As Americans face the humbling combination of rising fuel prices, higher healthcare costs, and declining dollar values, finding was to save money has become a necessity. Affordable healthcare in the United States has become an oxymoron. With more than 47 million Americans uninsured and even more who are underinsured, the gap between affordability and healthcare is widening into a chasm. As patients search for solutions to their medical needs, the idea of a vacation seems distant and hopeless.

Fortunately, dental tourism is giving patients the opportunity to experience healthcare they can afford while taking an often overdue vacation. Medical tourism countries like the Philippines have opened their hospital doors to the US and other countries experiencing phenomenally high costs, even for relatively minor procedures like dental bridges.

Combining Dental Tourism With Vacations Becoming More Common

Ever been to the Philippines to walk among its rich culture and history? Can you picture yourself basking on the white beaches of Boracay? What about taking part in Manila’s nightlife? Now imagine doing all of this while still being able to pay for the cost of a filling or dental bridge? If you can, you’re imaging the benefits of a dental tourism vacation. Dental tourism offers luxurious accommodations, chauffeured transportation, and almost chivalrous bedside manners from qualified doctors who often receive their training in Europe or the States.

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Leave the Philippines with a Smile

The Philippines was a hotspot even before the rapid rise of medical tourism and health vacations. Beautiful sights, wonderful people, and the relaxation of being “away from it all” certainly have tremendous allure. And that you can walk away with a more beautiful (affordable) smile only adds icing to the cake. If you have other procedures that have been on your list for awhile, you might consider stocking up all at once. Ticket prices aren’t coming down, so you might as well make the most of your medical tourism visit. New thighs? Better heart? Fuller lips? The Philippines can do it all. Just make sure you conduct plenty of research before hoping on the plane or signing any agreements.

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