Five-Star Thailand Hospitals for Medical Value Travel

Rising Costs a Major Problem in Health Care

Two million Americans back in 2001 found rising costs such a major problem in health care that they had to file for bankruptcy. Additionally, 43 million Americans are estimated to be without health insurance. The frustration of rising costs has led to a booming industry commonly called medical tourism or “medical value travel.”

One destination for hip replacement surgery is Thailand where one can find hip replacement procedures offered for $12,000 compared to U.S. prices of up to $45,000. Some of the best hospitals in Thailand for hip replacement surgery include Ramkhamhaeng Hospital, Bangkok Hospital Phuket, and Bumrungrad Hospital. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Bumrungrad Hospital claims to attract the most foreign patients in the world.

Bumrungrad: One of the Best Hospitals in Thailand for Hip Replacement

A catalyst for medical value travel in Thailand was the financial crisis in 1997-98. When local patients could not afford hospital facilities, some of the best hospitals in Thailand for hip replacement invested heavily to court foreigners. Bumrungrad received certification from the Joint Commission of Healthcare Organizations and employs an army of internationally trained physicians to attract foreign patients seeking relief from rising costs in their native lands. Bangkok and Phuket are hubs for medical value travel as they have six medical facilities advertising international accreditation. The best hospitals in Thailand for hip replacement also provide foreign patients with personal services such as travel and accommodation arrangements.

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