For Women: Traveling Solo to Thailand for a Health Vacation

Thailand’s Bumrungrad International Hospital

As more Americans travel abroad for affordable health care, many women choose to leave their family or friends at home to cut costs or to allow for more quiet time while abroad to recuperate. One of the most popular locations for health vacations is Bangkok, Thailand, a city that plays host to countless respected hospitals like Bumrungrad International, Samitvej, BNH, and Bangkok International. These facilities are typically attuned to medical tourism malpractice concerns since they actively market to Westerners and wealthy Thais.

The cost of a typical surgical procedure (example: hysterectomy, mastectomy, tummy tuck, etc.) is often a fraction of what it would cost in the United States. For example, Bumrungrad website’s “Give Me a Quote” service states that the cost of a laparoscopic hysterectomy is approximately USD 5,000 which is substantially cheaper than the many facilities in the West might charge. The American TV channel PBS reported that the $100 million hospital, with its “western restaurants and mall-like atmosphere,” is friendly for people traveling by themselves because of the attentive staff and accommodation available in suites attached to the hospital.

Safe Health Vacations for Women Traveling Alone

Because some procedures require a few days of hospitalization, the solo woman traveler to Bangkok may find herself with a lot of time alone in the city. Thankfully, as a popular modern tourist destination with a large expat community, Bangkok has much to offer a woman on her own in terms of safe ways to pass the time. In fact, Siam Paragon, one of the biggest shopping malls in Asia, is located only two train stops away from Bumrungrad., a popular online travel resource for women, considers Bangkok one of its “gal friendly cities.” Nima Chandler, an American who grew up in Thailand’s colorful capital, reports that with the right precautions, foreign women usually feel very comfortable, even when traveling alone. “Bangkok is in fact much safer for western women than any western city I know,” she says, reflecting on her thirty-plus years in the city.

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Before Traveling to Thailand

To ensure a worry-free trip, medical tourists should take time to familiarize themselves with Thai culture, the risks involved in their chosen procedure, and medical tourism malpractice policies abroad to ensure a safe health vacation.

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