Forging Ahead in Health Tourism: Medical Tourism in Malaysia on the Rise

Malaysia’s Health Tourism Market

Malaysia, the melting pot of the East, with its multicultural character and mind boggling diversity of ethnic races, is now a front runner in the medical tourism market. This truly cosmopolitan country has always been a major tourist destination because of its stunning natural landscapes, beautiful beaches, rich culture, and friendly people. But of late, Malaysia has emerged as a medical tourism hub due to its excellent and affordable healthcare. Health tourism is on an upswing as the government intensifies its efforts to provide quality medical care and attract foreign tourists.

Affordable Health Care

The rising costs of healthcare in the West are a drain on finances, and together with long waiting periods and referrals, are not conducive to convenient healthcare. Malaysia’s affordable healthcare options are increasingly attracting many Westerners. Irresistibly combined under the health tourism banner is affordable healthcare with an exotic vacation. This has led to an increase in medical tourism in many South Asian countries.

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Malaysia, a former British colony where English is widely spoken, offers excellent healthcare with state of the art medical facilities. Nearly all-private medical hospitals are approved and licensed by the Ministry of Health; most hospitals have earned the MS ISO –9002 accreditation from the Malaysian Society for Quality Healthcare. Medical research is encouraged and flourishes as the government provides excellent infrastructure and facilities. This cutting edge research used in medical treatments combined with affordable healthcare and alluring spa vacation packages are the reasons why medical travelers flock to Malaysia.

Short Term Care Facilities

Most patients who come for elective surgery need short term care; hence most hospitals offer accommodations and facilities ranging from the ordinary to the luxurious, complete with attendants and nurses to administer to the patients’ needs. Short term care facilities also come as part of a medical package, and you can choose a spa resort or any other vacation resort to recuperate.

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