Get Beautiful in Colombia

Muy Caliente Cosmetic Surgery Prices

The Houston Chronicle reports that Colombia is a popular medical tourism destination because of its low cosmetic surgery prices and fascination with beauty. About 30,000 foreigners flock to Colombia each year for plastic surgery. Monica Yesquen, a medical tourist from New York, recently received multiple surgeries in the Colombian city of Cali. The total cost of all her procedures (chin augmentation, face lift, and liposuction surgery) was $10,000.

The capital of Bogota boasts about 60 clinics that specialize in cosmetic surgery, with Cali and Medellin not far behind. But how do these far-away places manage to attract so many patients in search of youth and beauty? High quality and rock-bottom cosmetic surgery prices certainly explain some of Columbia’s allure. In Colombia, breast augmentations cost $2,500 and nose jobs are about $2,000, procedures that cost about three times that much in the US.

South America: Medical Tourism Mecca

Cosmetic medical tourism is big business in South America. Argentina sees about 50,000 medical tourists each year as does Brazil. However, it’s not just the low costs of chin augmentation surgery and other procedures that are driving people south. Luis Carlos Celi Garcia, a former president of the Brazilian Plastic Surgeon’s Association, says that it’s a combination of factors responsible for South America’s popularity with health vacationers. “Money is not the only issue. If the quality was bad, people wouldn’t come back,” he says. He also told the Chronicle that patients can spend time enjoying the sights and sun before the operation as well as take advantage of health packages that might not be available at home. Cosmetic surgery packages in Colombia, for example, often include follow-up checkups, private nurses, and post-operation therapy.

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Spaniards Flock to Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina

Although medical tourism is making many headlines in the States, a large portion of the people traveling to South America for cheap surgery are from Spain. Aurora Baquero from Madrid is just one of many who has nothing but positive things to say about cosmetic surgery in Colombia. According to the International Herald Tribune, Baguero’s laundry list of procedures is not uncommon, as the Spanish appetite for cosmetic surgery is extraordinary. There are over 900 plastic surgeons in the country and they perform 500,000 procedures a year. Remarkably, Spaniards spent $1.12 billion on cosmetic surgery in 2006.

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