Get Crowned in Hungary

Dental Tourism Puts a Dent in Plastic Surgery Prices

With plastic surgery prices (along with everything else) on the rise, it’s little wonder that people are looking around for the next best thing. The cost of a simple procedure like dental crowns is beyond the reach of many Americans (120 million of whom don’t have dental insurance). If it isn’t covered by insurance—and most cosmetic procedures aren’t—it’s likely to burn quite a large hole in your pocket. The average healthcare consumer may not be able to easily afford such prices without medical tourism. This isn’t just restricted to the U.S. either. In the U.K., the Guardian reported, “According to VitalEurope, more than a quarter of its patients spend more than £5,000 on treatment, with average savings of 50% on the equivalent treatment in the U.K., while findings…show that a dental implant and crown that costs £2,200 in the U.K. could cost just £750 in either Poland or Hungary.” As a result, more and more folks are putting two and two together. If the cost of dental crowns is cheaper in Hungary and Hungary is nearby (making airfare a viable option as well), then why not escape to Hungary?

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Medical Tourism at Its Best

Dental tourism is the twin sister of medical tourism. The only major difference, of course, is dental tourism’s focus on dental work and oral hygiene. The Sunday Morning Herald notes that dental procedures are typically in and out hour-long treatments. At worst, you’d need a day or so to recuperate. The duration of your vacation can be spent enjoying yourself on a sunny beach or picking up some great bargains and souvenirs at the local markets.

Planning Your Trip to Hungary

If you’ve made up your mind that Hungary is where it’s at for the hospital and dentist of your choice, see if a medical tour operator is offering a package deal that includes airfare, meals, accommodation, and transport. Make sure to do a full check for accreditation for the hospital and check the qualifications of the dentist. In some cases, the hospital may carry customer testimonials of their experiences. Being informed beforehand is always a major plus when considering medical tourism.

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