Get Your Back Treated in the Backwaters India

The Cost of Laminectomy Surgery

Laminectomy surgery (aka lumbar disc surgery) can be an expensive experience in the West. For Americans, this invasive back procedure can cost more than $8000. However, if it is a part of a medical tourism package in India, it can be far less expensive; even when you factor in the airfare, tourism, hotels, and exotic shopping. Because the cost of such a treatment varies from person to person and facility to facility, you can even find lower prices in India if you shop around enough.

One of the more popular destinations for health vacations and back surgery is Kerala. If you don’t have your back surgery performed here, you should at least include it on your travel itinerary. This beautiful region is famous for its network of rivers, lakes, and backwaters; a must on any trip to India.

Kerala’s Medical Tourism Packages

Those who know India aren’t usually surprised to learn that Kerala offers some of the most exotic medical tourism packages in the world. Besides being well connected and having a moderate climate all through the year, the cost of carrying out treatments is reasonable and the quality of healthcare is also high. Some hospitals (like the Apollo Hospital Group) have even received JCI accreditation. This means that the quality of care you’ll receive is comparable (if not superior) to what you’d receive back home. JCI stands for Joint Commission International, and it is the accrediting body that certifies hospitals in the States.

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What Else Is There in Kerala on a Health Vacation?

Kerala’s backwaters are world famous, and many medical tourists spend most of their time recovering in these inland lakes, which are both tourism and transportation routes in this Indian state. Beaches are plentiful, and many of them are covered by thick, wild forests and deep-set waterfalls. Add to this the numerous Hindu temples, ancient majestic palaces, and museums. And when it comes to shopping, Kerala doesn’t disappoint. The extensive presence of local handlooms, utensils, and jewelry reflect the soul of Indian culture. Lastly, no health vacation to Kerala would be complete without a relaxing spa treatment. Ayurvedic healing is a staple of Kerala, and you should have little difficulty finding the perfect setting to relax your back, enjoy the sights and smells, and totally detox.

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