Getting Past the Cost of Herniated Disc Surgery

Medical Tourism Plays a Key Role

Medical tourism has a wonderful reputation for taking care of procedures that would cost a fortune back home in the US or UK. But some tend to be hesitant when it comes to major surgery, even though that’s where the most savings are often made. Turning to Google for an estimate of the cost of herniated disc surgery brought up plenty of results for international cost-cutting opportunities, but barely any that gave me a clear picture of what it cost in the US, for example. From this, it seems that herniated disc surgery receives far more demand in a country like India than in the US.

Medical Tourism Prices Ease the Burden attempts a comparison between prices of various discectomy procedures in the US and in India. According to their rate sheet, a cervical discectomy in the US can range from $11,500 to $19,110, while in India it would range from $5,735 to $7,645. For a more complicated procedure, such as spinal fusion, US prices start at a massive $34,400 and could go up to $47,800. In India, however, the same procedure would range between $11,465 and $14,340. The savings incurred by these medical tourism prices are plain to see.

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As with everything else, money talks. If I’m getting more bang for my buck and a vacation to boot, you can bet that’s where my money is going. But, as always, especially since this is a major operation, safety comes first. India may be a “third world country,” but it’s also home to several major hospitals that deliver international standards of service and care. It’s important to check the doctor’s qualifications and the hospital’s reputation beforehand. Accreditation is not something you want to ignore. After all, one is always better safe than sorry.

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