Going the Distance with a Health Vacation

Is Medical Tourism Right for Me?

You’re not the first person who has asked whether or not medical tourism is right for you. Almost every single person who considers entrusting their health to a total stranger in a foreign country pauses to ask this very same question. However, the answers vary considerably. And probably the biggest variable is the actual person asking. What are the reasons you might consider a health vacation? Are you well traveled? Do you adapt well to change? And most important, can you afford the procedure in your home country?

Cost is usually a primary factor for most people. The cost of medical procedures is often significantly higher in industrialized countries than they are abroad. This is especially relevant if you have no insurance or if it doesn’t provide adequate coverage. Medical tourism may be your only viable option, in which case, medical tourism IS right for you.

For example, if the cost of LASIK surgery is $4,000 in the US and only $1,000 in India, doesn’t it make sense to fly over if you can be reasonably sure that the quality and safety are comparable?

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But how can you make sure that they ARE comparable?

The best thing you can do is research, research, and more research. Make sure you are truly aware of the pros and cons. What types f qualifications will the surgeon have? What is the success/failure rate of the facility in question? Do you need vaccinations? Visas? A translator?

Does India Have the Answer?

If the question is “Can I get an effective operation for a fraction of the cost?” then yes, India does have several options to meet your needs. If the question is “Can I find safe and reliable treatment from a qualified specialist?” there again, India has much to offer. But due diligence and careful research are crucial. India has many great facilities, but it also no shortage of charlatans, not to mention extensive poverty and social problems. The more questions you ask upfront, the better off your health vacation will be.

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