Head to Southeast Asia for Low Plastic Surgery Costs

The Best Cheap Healthcare Destination

Thailand is one of the leading medical tourism destinations that provides cheap healthcare. The services offered by super-specialty hospitals in Thailand can rival most anything that the West has to offer. Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, for example, is regarded by many as one of the top ten hospitals in the world. Procedures are extremely affordable in Thailand with heart surgery, hip replacement, and plastic surgery costs usually a mere fraction of what patients would have to pay in the US or Europe. Apart from the cheap healthcare that the country provides, Thailand is also a prime venue for many international conferences that discuss some of the latest developments in medical science. The 13th ASEAN Congress of Plastic Surgery was held in Chiang Mai, attended by the top plastic and reconstructive surgery experts. Plastic surgeons from Thailand, the US, China, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Austria, Switzerland, and the Philippines spoke at the congress.

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Low Plastic Surgery Costs and the Dangers of Plastic Surgery

Though countries like Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines offer plastic surgeries at low costs, there are some dangers involved with plastic surgery in general and these countries in particular. The first and foremost danger of plastic surgery is that a growing number of women under the age of 18 are opting for breast augmentation prematurely. Other dangers of plastic surgery, though rare, include excessive scarring, bleeding, infection, and even fatality. When opting for plastic surgery in a country like Thailand where the costs of surgery is not a worry, patients should verify the qualifications of the surgeon and the hospital where the surgery is to be performed. Also, the patient should be prepared to make follow up visits as well as any emergency check ups if required.

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