Health and Wellness Tourism in the World Today

Health and Wellness Tourism: A Booming Business

About 500,000 Americans received treatment from hospitals in developing countries last year. As healthcare costs escalate in the United States, more of its people are looking for affordable healthcare overseas, in what is now being called health and wellness tourism in the world. Critics say that people will prefer to have major surgeries done at home so they can be close to their families and friends. They also assert that there would be culture and language problems associated with medical tourism in places like Thailand or India. However, health and wellness tourism continues to draw thousands of foreign patients from all over the world every month.

Medical Tourism in Thailand

Americans choose medical care abroad because of the high cost of healthcare in the United States. Europeans and Canadians opt to avoid the long waiting time for healthcare appointments in their countries. Patients from the Middle East get better quality treatment and service through medical tourism. Thailand, India, Singapore, and the Philippines were early destinations for foreigners who wanted cosmetic procedures, but now these destinations are taking care of critical orthopedic and cardiac surgeries as well. Many of the doctors treating medical tourism patients are trained in Europe and the US.

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Affordable Healthcare Abroad

Healthcare costs in the United States are becoming increasingly difficult for many of its citizens. Around 45 million Americans don’t have health insurance coverage, and those who do are not covered for many needed medical treatments. Because affordable healthcare is not readily available, many are opting for health and wellness tourism in distant parts of the world. As a result, numerous businesses and insurance companies in America are seriously looking at the outsourcing of medical care.

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