Health Related Travel to Phuket

Health Related Travel to Phuket

With the rising costs of health care looming over the heads of millions of uninsured Americans, it should be no surprise that the medical tourism industry is flourishing in certain parts of the world. In Thailand, for example, record numbers of health-seeking travelers flock there year after year. Because popular destinations like Phuket have top-notch facilities in addition to beautiful beaches and alluring resorts, it’s not hard to see why Thailand has such appeal in the larger medical tourism arena.

Price as the Driving Force behind Medical Tourism to Phuket

Although luxurious beaches and plush resorts certainly explain some of Phuket’s popularity, price is probably the driving force behind the recent surge in medical tourism. In the US where the rising costs of health care makes elective surgery unaffordable for most, Phuket offers a wide range of body and skin treatments that typically cost less than 30% of what you’d pay in the States. But thorough research is very important. One of the reasons why Americans are experiencing rising costs is because of malpractice insurance. While million-dollar settlements definitely hurt the health care industry, they do add a certain level of protection since doctors and dentists want to avoid negligence (or the perception of negligence) at all costs. When you engage in health travel to Phuket, on the other hand, you don’t always have those extra safeguards in place. Make sure you check the accreditation and certification of whatever facilities and surgeons you visit. JCI is the international standard, but there are other accrediting bodies out there as well.

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There are associated risks with any medical treatment, whether you have it performed at home or abroad. While the allure of affordable pricing and tropical surroundings is hard to ignore, make sure you go abroad as an informed consumer who is aware of the potential dangers of medical tourism and health travel.

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