Health Vacation in Thailand

Prices for Plastic Surgery Generate Fierce Competition

Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic has instituted several programs to meet the growing demand for health vacations, including lowering prices for plastic surgery and establishing liposuction escort services. Additionally, the extreme competitiveness in the plastic surgery field has made the idea of a health vacation very appealing to middle class patients. Patients can, therefore, avail of such procedures without having to break the bank.

Liposuction Escort Services in Thailand

Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic has addressed the growing demand for health vacations by introducing liposuction escort services. Transportation from the hospital is provided free of charge, along with excursions to shopping areas and popular tourist sites. If the patient visits Thailand alone for his or her health vacation, Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic provides an assistant to stay with the patient for the duration of the treatment.

Bangkok’s Prices for Plastic Surgery Not the Only Draw for Tourists

Many people around the world choose Bangkok when they are looking for plastic surgery health vacations. The low prices for plastic surgery are part of the reason, but there are many other benefits of travel to Thailand. Bangkok boasts of highly educated doctors and cutting-edge technologies. However pre-op discussions and research are extremely important. Many times the language barrier causes complications for both the patient and the doctor. To minimize these complications, Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic provides interpreters who are proficient in several languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and French. This adds to the attraction of a health vacation in Thailand, but undoubtedly the low prices for plastic surgery are still the biggest draw. For example, Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic offers breast enlargement surgery for 2,200 USD. Elsewhere, the same surgery can cost the patient anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 USD.

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