Health Vacation Trends in Europe

Health and Dental Tourism is Authorized

Europeans suffering long waiting periods for access to healthcare and affordable dental care in their own country risked legal trouble or a lack of insurance coverage by crossing into other countries for healthcare. Rulings from the European Court of Justice are paving the way for dental tourism in South America and health vacations by authorizing travel to other nations if the traveler’s own country is unable to provide entitled health services without “undue delays.”

Multi-National Collaboration for Access to Health Vacations

In order for member states of the European Union (EU) to collaborate on financial coverage and safe medical practice standards for health vacations and dental tourism in South America, the European Commission must determine the practical definition of “undue delays” and a legal framework for EU countries to follow. The consultation team, led by European Health and Consumer Protection Commissioner Markos Kyprianouw, will propose rules including funding for health vacations and affordable dental care. These rules may encourage an overall increase in the competency and efficiency of healthcare systems in European countries.

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The Future of Authorized Health Vacations

Graeme Warner, a director of specialist healthcare intermediary at Manson Warner Healthcare, is skeptical that authorized medical care between European borders will encourage greater healthcare travel. He believes the number of patients engaged in health vacations and dental tourism in South America will not increase significantly because of the unfamiliar environment and the distance from family members and friends. Entrepreneur Keith Pollard, who operates an internet portal “Treatment Abroad,” is sure that globalization will help encourage people to travel internationally. He estimates that nearly 50,000 Britons leave home every year for health vacations and affordable dental care. He believes that continued health vacation travel will spur insurance companies to add a greater network of foreign healthcare providers.

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