Health Vacations as a New Genre in Tourism

A Health Vacation for True Healthcare

In an increasingly globalized world, as borders get blurred and travel times decrease, many have woken up to the realization that healthcare needn’t be confined to the city or country you live in. Today, healthcare spanning everything from cardiac surgeries to laser hair removal can be had at some of the most exotic travel destinations at prices that are a fraction of those in the West. Low prices for procedures that include plastic surgery are offered at these foreign facilities, all part of a concerted effort to promote the small but growing health vacation industry in these locales.
Health Vacations in Thailand for the Lowest Laser Hair Removal Prices

Thailand is one such destination that’s developed a multimillion dollar industry centered on low prices for healthcare offered to foreign visitors. The costs for life-saving and elective procedures including those for plastic surgery are as low as 50 percent of their American costs, sometimes lower. Medical packages touting such discount priced procedures are offered for any number of ailments and conditions. Whether its laser hair removal you need or the most complicated hip replacement surgery, Thailand’s hospitals offer some of the lowest prices on the planet. 54-year-old Stephanie Miller recently joined the growing legions of Americans who are heading overseas for healthcare. After her cardiologist predicted a limited life span for her post cardiac bypass surgery, Miller decided to try other options and headed to Thailand.

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Low Prices for Plastic Surgery and Stem Cell Therapy

Surfing on the Web one day, Miller discovered a company called Thera Vitae that specialized in stem-cell therapy. The benefits of this therapy were not yet proven completely, but side effects were reported to be minimal. Miller decided to explore this possibility and signed on for a health vacation to Thailand. The entire package cost $40,000 and included treatment, food, travel expenses, luxurious hotel accommodation, and a large private hospital room with efficient staff. In addition, Miller took in some sightseeing and a river festival too. Back home, Miller is optimistic about the results of her health vacation. “I feel like something is happening inside me”, she said adding that she hoped to live for twenty more years.

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