Health Vacations Provide Solutions to America’s Health Care Crisis

A Health Vacation May Succeed Where Political Will Fails

The American healthcare system has been in the news a lot lately, and for all the wrong reasons. First there was Michael Moore’s movie Sicko which did an excellent job of systematically demolishing any last vestiges of credibility the country’s health system might have had. Now comes the news that President Bush has refused to sign a Bill that will allow for more funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, a state federal program that aims at making available subsidized healthcare to children belonging to impoverished families. The bill, if passed, would provide for at least 35 billion dollars in funding to this much needed program and would cover at least 4 million additional kids. What should have been a debate over the urgency of providing accessible healthcare to those who suffer the most has quickly deteriorated into an election year free-for-all. This is just another indication that problems in American healthcare are not just far from resolved; they may stay that way for a long while to come.

High Costs of Cataract, Elective or Life Saving Surgery is Not the Only Problem that Ails the US Healthcare System

Besides the high costs of every kind of medical treatment there is, American healthcare is also characterized by the lengthy wait times for even the most emergency of procedures. Whether you’re in line for cataract surgery or a life saving cardiac bypass, you can almost always expect a fair amount of waiting while the wheels begin moving. While everybody knows by now the reason for the high costs of procedures, there isn’t a lot of clarity regarding why even something as simple as a cataract surgery should be on a wait list.

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Dangers of Choosing Poor Medical Tourism Facilities in Mexico

While medical tourism is being increasingly viewed as an answer to the problems that plague the US healthcare system, it’s not entirely without its dangers. But most of the risks of medical tourism involve unlicensed unregulated doctors in poorly maintained facilities. Mexico is one country that has had some flak thrown at it because of a few under-qualified cosmetic surgeons who operate out of ramshackle facilities. Another bizarre story has Dominican surgeons who throw cosmetic surgery parties in the US to advertise their cheap services. The existence of such dangers in medical tourism is the exact reason why potential patients need to thoroughly research doctors and facilities, whether in Mexico or elsewhere.

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