Hemi-Colectomy: Left

What is a Hemi-Colectomy – Left?

A hemi-colectomy is a healthcare procedure in which a portion of the colon is removed. In a hemi-colectomy – left targets the left colon for removal. It would be preferable to know about the colon before knowing about the surgical procedure. The colon is a part of the intestine that runs from the stomach to the rectum. It is the lower part of the bowel that runs up to the right ribs and loops across the upper part of the belly under the ribs to the left and passes down the left side before running backwards into the pelvis to end at the rectum which in turn ends at the anus. It is the passageway through which a stool is led to the rectum and finally passed out through the anus. When the left side of the colon becomes diseased and needs to be removed a hemi colectomy – left is performed.

Hemi Colectomy – Left Procedure

This healthcare procedure is performed under general anesthesia. An incision is made on the left side of the abdomen. The diseased part is cut off and the two open ends of the colon are joined together. Sometimes these ends are not joined together immediately and a colostomy is performed to facilitate the passing of stools. The two cut ends of the colon empty stools into a bag inserted in the abdomen. When the cut ends of the colon have healed well and are ready to be joined together another operation is performed to join them and the colostomy bag is removed.

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Recovery from Hemi Colectomy – Left

A hemi colectomy – left can be a healthcare procedure spread over a few weeks involving more than one operation. The patient can go back to light work after about six weeks and to heavy work about 12 weeks after the hemi colectomy – left. As it is a surgical process that might involve more than one operation the patient should find out about all the possible complications from his/her healthcare team.

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