Hip Resurfacing: India’s Secret Weapon in Medical Tourism

A One-of-a-Kind Medical Vacation

Dr. Jim Allen, a practicing American veterinary doctor, had to go on a medical vacation to Mumbai for hip resurfacing surgery at Wockhardt Hospitals, one of the best hospitals for hip replacement in the world. Wockhardt is based in India, which is quickly becoming the preferred medical tourism destination in Asia.

“It all started about thirty years ago when I fell down while playing Basketball and over the years it just started to build up and all my joints started to pain and my right hip got worse,” says Allen.

According to Allen, it suddenly escalated to an excruciating pain about 10 years ago; it felt like being stabbed by 3 steak knives in his right hip. Since then it has been horrendous. Of the three options offered him, which included living with it and having hip replacement surgery, the doctor opted for pain killers and a lot of physical therapy.

Off to Wockhardt, One of the Best Hospitals for Hip Replacement in India
Allen decided to go to India, a medical tourism center, six months ago for a medical vacation after finding that some of the best hospitals for hip replacement were here. He touched base with Mr. Thukral of Wockhardt Hospital, who answered all his questions promptly and helped him with all the travel arrangements, visas, and other details.

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Medical Tourism at its Best

Dr. Allen likened his stay at Wockhardt to going to a hospital in Minneapolis or New York. Surgery was successful and his recovery was amazing. His medical vacation went very well. He made the right decision in going to Wockhardt, and now, he is enjoying the fruits of India’s medical tourism. Allen is working steadily, he runs three miles every morning, and he is getting ready for another medical vacation, this time for his other hip.

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