Hohw Much Does Neck Lift Surgery Cost?

The Need for a Neck Lift

Some people may have an excessively fleshy neck (sometimes referred to as a “turkey neck”) and may be self conscious about it. The neck muscles become loose and begin to hang forming ‘bands’ around the neck and chin areas. Individuals who suffer from this common condition can benefit from a healthcare procedure known as neck lift or platysmaplasty that specifically addresses this problem. A neck lift or platysmaplasty is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the loose look of the sagging skin by trimming the excess skin as well as removing fat deposits from the neck and under the jaw area. It redefines the appearance of the neck by repairing the neck muscles. A neck lift can be performed alone or as a part of ‘facelift,’ a more elaborate process that deals with the lower portion of the face and the neck.

A Firm Neck after Platysmaplasty

A neck lift is a surgical procedure, and hence, it’s important that the person opting for surgery makes all enquiries including: the accreditation of the surgeon, his or her expertise in performing such operations, and possible complications and risks involved in the surgery. The surgeon performs neck lift surgery by making two small incisions behind or under the ears, and sometimes a small incision under the chin also may be required. The skin and, if required, the fat muscles are trimmed. The incisions are closed with suture or tissue glue. The entire process takes approximately two to three hours and is performed under anesthesia. There may be considerable pain once the effect of anesthesia wears off. As a post surgery healthcare measure the surgeon may prescribe medication to ward off pain. It is essential for the patient to keep the head and neck still and sleep on an incline. Additional post platysmaplasty healthcare advice includes refraining from smoking and any kind of strenuous activities or sports for 6-8 weeks. After such time, the patient should be able to resume a normal life with a newer, youthful appearance.

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