Hospital Clinica Biblica- A Quality Health Vacation

Health Vacations to Costa Rica

For many years health vacations have attracted Americans looking for cheaper medical attention. They jet off to destinations like Thailand, Vietnam, and India, in search of life-saving or life-enhancing procedures. That is, if they can afford it. One of the ironies surrounding medical tourism treatment is that even though you save on the procedures, you must spend a considerable amount of time and money reaching these far off destinations. Hospital Clinica Biblica, on the other hand, is situated in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, a stone’s throw away in comparison.

Founded in 1929, Hospital Clinica Biblica has enjoyed an excellent reputation, earning the coveted Joint Commission International Accreditation- the highest accreditation that can be given to an international hospital. Part of the hospital’s success is based on the fact that its surgeons are trained at highly regarded medical schools in both Europe and the USA. Combine this with a $50 million dollar infrastructure, and you have a hospital that has the ability to compete with many of the best in America.

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What You Should Know About Financing and Plastic Surgery

The only major difference from its wealthier counterparts is the cost. Back in the USA financing plastic surgery can take years of saving, and people may not feel it’s worth waiting all that time. At Hospital Clinica Biblica, the financing of plastic surgery suddenly become realistic. For example, breast enlargements cost on average $10,000 in the USA and only $4,000 at Clinica Biblica.

Are Laser Hair Removal Prices Really Cheaper Abroad?

And with all this money saved, you can look into other treatments that will enhance the quality of your life. For example laser hair removal prices, expensive in America at an average cost of $429, are 60% less at Hospital Clinica Biblica. Like many similar treatments at this hospital you will have difficulty finding cheaper laser hair removal prices anywhere in the States.

So, whether you are financing plastic surgery or looking for a cheaper laser hair removal price, Hospital Clinical Biblica provides health vacations that can fit your potentially fit your budget and medical needs.

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