How Much Do Dental Caps Cost?

What are Dental Caps?

Dental caps (also known as dental crowns) are covers designed to protect root systems that have become exposed due to decayed, diseased, or injured teeth. Cavities, root canals, insufficient enamel, disease, and aging are the most common reasons why one would want receive this particular healthcare procedure. Dental caps are also used in cosmetic surgery to beautify existing teeth that don’t suffer from any serious complications.

Are Dental Caps for You?

If you have an overbite, bruxism, old fillings, sensitive teeth, or a history of various dental issues, you might be a candidate for dental caps. Before opting for the surgery, however, you should consult your dentist, orthodontists, or dental surgeon. He or she will go over your medical history, allergies, medications, dental hygiene, and lifestyle to ascertain whether or not dental crowns are a viable option. In some cases, dentures, dental crowns, traditional fillings, or braces might be more effective.

Healthcare with Dental Crowns

If dental caps are recommended, your dental surgeon will take impressions and x-rays of your teeth and send them to a laboratory where the actual caps will be custom-made. Although the technology is becoming much more advanced, it’s not unusual for dental caps to take one or two weeks to complete. During this wait, any restoration or stabilization of the teeth is completed so that the caps can be affixed for maximum comfort. In some cases, temporary dental caps are attached if the dentist feels that the overbite or decay is severe.

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There are generally three kinds of caps to choose from—gold, ceramic, or ceramic-veneered gold. For molars, which are used for grinding and chewing, gold and metal-ceramic provide strong, durable caps. For more visible, front teeth, however, ceramic caps are preferred because they more easily match the coloration of normal tooth enamel. Once the dental crowns are ready, your dentist will cement them to your existing teeth and provide regular checkups to make sure that they stay in place properly.

To see the cost of dental caps by country, please consult our medical tourism pricing guide.

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