How Much Does a Face Lift Cost?

What Is Rhytidectomy?

Wrinkles, bags, sagging, and discoloration are all signs of aging with which we must contend at one time or another. Several factors accelerate the aging process, such as excess exposure to sun, stress, unhealthy lifestyles, bad nutrition, etc. Rhytidectomy is a face lift procedure that specifically treats the cheeks, neck, jaws, temples, and areas around the eyebrows to hide or treat the visible signs of aging. It’s also a fairly common healthcare procedure for those who are unhappy about the overall shape or feel of their face, regardless of their age.

The Face Lift Procedure

Rhytidectomy can be performed in a healthcare center or outpatient setting. It involves administering local or general anesthesia. The procedure can take several hours, depending on the number of procedures being done. It is done either one side of the face at a time or both sides together. The procedure is carried out through incisions beginning at the temples, extending in front of the ear, and then behind the ear to the lower scalp. The surgeon then separates the skin and the muscle, and the fat is either suctioned or trimmed around the chin or neck to improve the curve. The underlying muscles are then tightened, and the tissues are secured with stitches. A narrow tube is placed temporarily under the skin behind the ears for draining the blood collected there.

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Before and After Face Lift Surgery

Before proceeding with rhytidectomy, healthcare professionals should be informed regarding the patient’s medical history and any medications he or she is taking. Rhytidectomy procedures generally have no major complications, as long as they are performed by a qualified facial plastic surgeon. Healing begins immediately, but it might take several weeks for a full and total recovery.

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