How Much Does A Hydrocele Operation Cost?

What is a Hydrocele Operation?

A hydrocele operation is a surgical healthcare procedure performed on adult males to treat the presence of a hydrocele in the body. A hydrocele is a pocket of watery liquid that grows around the testicles. The liquid accumulates because it cannot drain itself into the circulation system naturally. This condition can also exist in younger males, but the causes and treatments are slightly different.

Who Requires a Hydrocele Operation?

Any adult who has a hydrocele will require a hydrocele operation healthcare procedure. If left untreated, the hydrocele will become englarged and cause pain, discomfort, swelling, infection, or serious illness. And in most cases, ad hoq treatments aren’t very effective. Simply draining off the liquid using needles will result in more liquid accumulating within two months.

What Happens in a Hydrocele Operation?

Your healthcare provider will place you under general anesthesia and may apply a local anesthetic to numb your body from the waist down. The surgeon will make a cut in the skin over the hydrocele, empty out the liquid, then send it to a laboratory for examination to determine the cause of the hydrocele and to look for the presence of cancerous cells. If the testicle is infected, the surgeon might remove it before stitching up the skin. If the testicle isn’t infected, the area is stiched closed to stop any liquid from accumulating in the future. Postoperative hospital stays typically lasts two days. You may experience discomfort and pain while moving, for which your healthcare provider will supply painkillers. Your wound will heal in about seven days, and you will be able to resume all regular activities in two to four weeks.

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