How Much Does Bartholins Gland Marsupialisation Surgery Cost?

What is Bartholins Gland Marsupialisation?

Bartholins gland marsupialisation is a minor surgical healthcare procedure used to treat swelling on one side of the vulva at the opening of the vagina. Bartholins glands are like sweat glands and are located on one side of the vulva. Their secretions normally seep out to the vulva, keeping it moist. The swelling near the vaginal opening occurs when the passage to the vulva is blocked.

When Is a Bartholins Gland Marsupialisation Required?

If there swelling near the vaginal opening, and it starts becoming painful, then a bartholins gland marsupialisation procedure is required. Sometimes the liquid that causes the swelling inside may be infected, making it more painful. Antibiotics may help in treating any infection and the swollen gland may burst by itself in a week or so thus draining the liquid inside. However, this problem is likely to recur and this operation is the best way to treat the condition permanently.

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What Happens in a Bartholins Gland Marsupialisation Procedure?

After administering a general anesthetic, the surgeon will make an inch long incision through the skin into the swollen gland and will drain the liquid inside. The surgeon will then put a dressing on the wound and give antibiotics if there is any infection. A sanitary pad will be required for the first couple of days when there may be slight blood staining. The vulva will feel painful for the first couple of days, and the healthcare providers will supply painkillers to manage the pain. One should be able to leave the hospital on the same day as the surgery and resume all regular activities within two weeks of this procedure.

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