How Much Does Dental Bonding Cost?

Dental Bonding to Restore and Smarten

Dental bonding is a healthcare procedure used to restore broken, chipped, or misaligned teeth, but it is also a cosmetic procedure used to improve appearance, color, and shape. So depending on your reasons for the procedure, your insurance may or may not cover the costs.
Dental Bonding the Process

Your healthcare provider will take a mold of your teeth in the first visit and send the casting to a laboratory so that technicians can custom design dental fillings (usually made out of porcelain). Once the fillings are completed, you need to go back for the actual dental bonding procedure. A mild etching solution is applied to the surface of the tooth to create roughness in the enamel covering. A thin coating of composite resin is applied on the rough surface to bond with the teeth. A high-intensity light cures the resin within minutes to harden it onto the tooth. A few layers of resin may be applied according to the treatment required. After the last layer is applied, the material is sculpted to the shape required. Then your dentist will polish the tooth to eliminate any uneven surfaces. Dental bonding takes an hour or two for small areas, and 2-4 hours for extensive work. Once applied, dental bonding can last seven to eleven years. A virtually pain and risk free procedure, dental bonding is an integral part of oral healthcare.

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